Music for Vlogs #1 (Non-Copyrighted Songs)  from Tristan Nelson

Music for Vlogs #1 (Non-Copyrighted Songs) from Tristan Nelson

Year: 2018
Post: Admin
0 seconds 720 Episode 1 of Music for VlogsCheck out the "Music for Vlogs" playlist: Read all of the Description!----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­-----------------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­-------The music in this video is non-copyrighted, but please keep in mind that some songs don't always stay non-copyrighted forever due to some artist changing their mind on having their songs being free to use.----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­-------Songs: • 0:00 Joakim Karud - dizzy📥 Download Here:• 2:51 Tonez&Re-C - Kyoto📥 Download Here: (Click "More" icon)• 5:30 Zplit - Tea Walk📥 Download Here: (Click "More" icon)• 8:08 Joakim Karud - Dreams📥 Download Here:• 11:18 Light House - tapestry📥 Download Here:­------------------------------­------------------------------­-------*There is no copyright infringement intended for the songs or picture. Comments:
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